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Disease: Meningococcus

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Effectively Introducing a New Meningococcal A Conjugate Vaccine in Africa: The Burkina Faso Experience

In 2010, Burkina Faso conducted a country-wide campaign to introduce a new Group A meningococcal conjugate vaccine, MenAfriVac™. Leading up to this effort, the following challenges were successfully managed: (1) conducting a large safety study and …

Author: Djingarey MH, Barry R, Bonkoungou M, et al.

Publication date: 2012

Effectiveness of Meningococcal Serogroup C Vaccine Programmes

Since the introduction of monovalent meningococcal serogroup C (MenC) glycoconjugate (MCC) vaccines and the implementation of national vaccination programs, the incidence of MenC disease has declined markedly as a result of effective short-term …

Author: Borrow R, Abad R, Trotter C, van der Kils FRM, Vazquez JA

Publication date: 2013

Eliminating Epidemic Group A Meningococcal Meningitis in Africa Through a New Vaccine

This article, published in Health Affairs, discusses a new affordable vaccine against Group A meningococcus, the most common cause of large and often fatal African epidemics of meningitis, that was introduced in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger in …

Author: LaForce FM, Okwo-Bele J-M

Publication date: 2011

Emergence of Serogroup X Meningococcal Disease in Africa: Need for a Vaccine

This article, published in Vaccine, describes how and why serogroup X meningococcal disease has emerged in Africa in recent years. It asserts that while no licensed vaccine is available against serogroup X meningococci, following the introduction of …

Author: Xie O, Pollard AJ, Mueller JE, Norheim G

Publication date: 2013

Emergency or Routine Vaccination Against Meningococcal Disease in Africa?

This comment, published in The Lancet, is based on a review of the study "Emergency Vaccination Against Epidemic Meningitis in Ghana: Implications for the Control of Meningococcal Disease in West Africa." The author concludes that meningococcal …

Author: Peltola H

Publication date: 2000

Emergency Vaccination Against Epidemic Meningitis in Ghana: Implications for the Control of Meningococcal Disease in West Africa

This article, published in The Lancet, assessed the potential effects of different vaccination strategies against meningococcal disease using data from the 1997 meningococcal outbreak in northern Ghana. Using a simple mathematical model, …

Author: Woods CW, Armstrong G, Sackey SO, et al.

Publication date: 2000

Environmental Risk and Meningitis Epidemics in Africa

This study, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, provides evidence that the relationship between the environment and the location of meningitis epidemics is quantifiable. The study proposes a model based on environmental …

Author: Molesworth AM, Cuevas LF, Connor SJ, Morse AP, Thomson MC

Publication date: 2003

Epidemic Meningitis Due to Group A Neisseria Meningitidis in the African Meningitis Belt: A Persistent Problem With an Imminent Solution

This article, published in the journal Vaccine, emphasizes Group A Neisseria meningitidis as a health problem in Africa and disccuses the potential for a proactive control strategy for epidemic meningitis with the use of a meningococcal A …

Author: LaForce FM, Ravenscroft N, Djingarey M, et al

Publication date: 2009

Epidemiological Profile of Meningococcal Disease in the United States

Published in Clinical Infectious Diseases, this article discusses the current epidemiological profile of meningococcal disease and the vaccines that are currently available in the United States. The article also outlines what would be required for a …

Author: Harrison LH

Publication date: 2010

The Epidemiology of Meningococcal Disease and the Impact of Vaccines

Neisseria meningitidis causes meningococcal disease, a severe bacterial infection of the bloodstream or meninges, worldwide. The disease is most common among young children, but the existing polysaccharide vaccines have been sparsely used because …

Author: Khatami A, Pollard AJ

Publication date: 2010

Epidemiology of Meningococcal Disease in Latin America: Current Situation and Opportunities for Prevention

This article, published in Neurological Research, discusses the changes in the epidemiology of meningococcal disease in Latin America and comments on the development and potential impact of new vaccines for the prevention of the disease. The authors …

Author: Sáfadi MA, Cintra OA

Publication date: 2010

Evaluation of Meningitis Surveillance Before Introduction of Serogroup A Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine—Burkina Faso and Mali

Before the 2010 to 2011 introduction of the first serogroup A meningococcal conjugate vaccine developed solely for Africa (MenAfriVac), evaluations of the existing meningitis surveillance in Burkina Faso and Mali were conducted to assess the …

Author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Publication date: 2012

Evaluation of Serogroup A Meningococcal Vaccines in Africa: A Demonstration Project

This article, published in The Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition, summarizes the general steps required for meningococcal vaccine development, reviews the use of immunogenicity criteria as a licensing strategy for new meningococcal …

Author: Soriano-Gabarró M, Rosenstein N, LaForce FM

Publication date: 2004

Evaluation of the Meningitis Epidemics Risk Model in Africa

This study, published in Epidemiology and Infection, evaluated an ecological model based on absolute humidity and land cover type to predict the location of meningitis epidemics in the Sahelian region known as the African Meningitis Belt. The model …

Author: Savory EC, Cuevas LE, Yassin MA, et al.

Publication date: 2006

Expanding Prevention of Invasive Meningococcal Disease

This article, published in Expert Review of Vaccines, discusses morbidity and mortality due to meningococcal serogroups A, C, Y, and W-135 and the ability of monovalent meningococcal serogroup C conjugate (MCC) vaccines to reduce the burden of …

Author: Pelton SI, Gilmet GP

Publication date: 2009

Expanding the Evidence Base to Inform Vaccine Introduction: Program Costing and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses

This supplement to Vaccine contains 38 articles featuring country-led research to support real-time policymaking, including cost-effectiveness, program costing, and analyses of financial flows for vaccine introduction. It highlights work undertaken …

Author: Andrus JK, Walker DG, eds.

Publication date: 2015

Fragile Lives - Immunization at Risk

Hailed as "the greatest public health success story of all time," today childhood immunization faces obstacles never seen before. While immunization still saves three million young lives each year, millions more could be saved if there were enough …

Author: PATH, Barraclough Productions

Publication date: 2004

From Genomics to Surveillance, Prevention and Control: New Challenges for the African Meningitis Belt

This article, published in the Bulletin de la Société de Pathologie Exotique, summarizes an international conference held in Niamey, Niger, that brought together more than 100 delegates to assess the current meningitis situation in Africa, …

Author: Alonso JM, Bertherat E, Perea W, et al.

Publication date: 2006

The Gavi Full Country Evaluations

The Gavi Full Country Evaluations (FCE) are prospective studies that aim to understand and quantify the barriers and drivers of immunization program improvement, with an emphasis on the contribution of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in four countries: …

Author: PATH

Global Alert and Response Disease Outbreak News: Meningococcal Disease

This web page provides regular updates on meningococcal disease outbreaks around the world as reported to the World Health Organization. It also serves as an archive, housing links to outbreak news alerts dating back to 1999.

Author: World Health Organization

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