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Disease: Meningococcus

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The Right Shot: Bringing Down Barriers to Affordable and Adapted Vaccines - 2nd Edition

This second edition of The Right Shot gathers more than 1,500 data points from organizations including UNICEF, the Pan-American Health Organization, governments, vaccine manufacturers, and Médecins Sans Frontières' supply centers to better …

Author: Médecins Sans Frontières

Publication date: 2015

The Right Shot: Extending the Reach of Affordable and Adapted Vaccines

Lack of information on both the price and the different product characteristics of vaccines limits countries’ ability to operate affordable and effective immunization programs. This report aims to remedy some of the existing knowledge gaps by …

Author: Médecins Sans Frontières

Publication date: 2012

Risk and Protective Factors for Meningococcal Disease in Adolescents: Matched Cohort Study

This article, published in The British Medical Journal, discusses a study examining biological and social risk factors for meningococcal disease in adolescents in six regions of England. The study finds that significant independent risk factors …

Author: Tully J, Viner RM, Coen PG, et al.

Publication date: 2006

Risk of Epidemic Meningitis in Africa: A Cause for Concern

This article, featured in the World Health Organization's Weekly Epidemiological Record, presents what the potential scenarios were for meningitis epidemics in Africa in the 2007-2008 seasons and provides information on the expected availability of …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2007

Risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome After Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccination

A meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) was introduced in the United States in 2005. Shortly after, case reports of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS), a serious demyelinating disease, began to be reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. …

Author: Velentgas P, Amato AA, Bohn RL, et al.

Publication date: 2012

Safety, Immunogenicity, and Antibody Persistence of a New Meningococcal Group A Conjugate Vaccine in Healthy Indian Adults

This article, published in the journal Vaccine, discusses a double-blind, randomized, controlled Phase 1 study in India to assess safety, immunogenicity, and antibody persistence of the new meningococcal group A conjugate vaccine (PsA-TT) in …

Author: Kshirsagar N, Mur N, Thatte U, et al.

Publication date: 2007

Safety of Vaccines Used for Routine Immunization of US Children: A Systematic Review

This article, published in Pediatrics, reviews the existing literature on the safety of routine vaccines recommended for children in the United States. The authors found evidence that some vaccines are associated with serious adverse events; …

Author: Maglione MA, Das L, Raaen L, et al.

Publication date: 2014

Seasonality of Meningitis in Africa and Climate Forcing: Aerosols Stand Out

The determinants of the disease dynamics of bacterial meningitis in the African meningitis belt are still poorly understood; nevertheless, it is often advocated that climate and mineral dust have a large impact. Several studies have investigated …

Author: Agier L, Deroubaix A, Martiny N, Yaka P, Djibo A, Broutin H

Publication date: 2013

Sequelae of Epidemic Meningococcal Meningitis in Africa

This article, published in Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, reviews audiological and other long-term neurological sequelae in 157 cases and their controls 6 to 12 months after an epidemic of group A meningococcal …

Author: Smith AW, Bradley AK, Wall RA, et al.

Publication date: 1988

Serogroup W135 Meningococcal Disease, The Gambia, 2012

This article, published in Emerging Infectious Diseases, reports on a 2012 outbreak of Neisseria meningitidis serogroup W135 which occurred in The Gambia. The attack rate was highest among young children. The associated risk factors were male sex, …

Author: Hossain MJ, Roca A, Mackenzie GA, et al.

Publication date: 2013

Standards for Surveillance of Selected Vaccine-preventable Diseases

This document provides WHO recommendations on surveillance standards for selected vaccine-preventable diseases. These recommendations should be adapted to meet national needs in accordance with each country's disease control priorities, …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2008

State of the World's Vaccines and Immunization, Third Edition

This report focuses on the major developments in vaccines and immunization since 2000. Part 1 examines the impact of immunization on efforts to meet the Millennium Development Goals. It looks at the development and use of vaccines and the …

Author: World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund, World Bank

Publication date: 2009

The State of Vaccine Confidence: 2015

This report aims to build understanding of the global picture of public confidence in vaccines by analyzing vaccine confidence issues and paths to their resolution over the past decade. It presents options for monitoring and measuring public …

Author: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Publication date: 2015

Study of a Localized Meningococcal Meningitis Epidemic in Burkina Faso: Incidence, Carriage, and Immunity

To better understand localized meningococcal meningitis epidemics, the authors of this article, published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, evaluated a serogroup A epidemic in Burkina Faso by surveillance, carriage, and seroprevalence …

Author: Mueller JE, Yaro S, Njanpop-Lafourcade BM, et al.

Publication date: 2011

A Study of Deafness in West Africa

This article, published in the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, assessed profoundly deaf children from Nigeria in an attempt to identify the causes of deafness in this part of West Africa. The study found that measles, …

Author: Holborow C, Martinson F, Anger N

Publication date: 1982

A Study of Deafness in West Africa: The Gambian Hearing Health Project

This article, published in the International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, reviews data collected from several studies conducted in The Gambia to discover the incidence and causes of severe to profound hearing loss. The data shows that …

Author: McPherson B, Holborow CA

Publication date: 1985

Summary of Vaccine Stability Data

These documents provide stability data as of November 2012 on commonly used, licensed vaccines and stability data as of May 2012 from available data on novel, investigational vaccine formulations. Data are sorted by vaccine in a table format in both …

Author: PATH, Working in Tandem Ltd.

Publication date: 2012

Systematic Review: Impact of Meningococcal Vaccination on Pharyngeal Carriage of Meningococci

This article, published in Tropical Medicine and International Health, investigates the effect of meningococcal vaccines on pharyngeal carriage of meningococci through a systematic review. The review determines that only a few well-designed trials …

Author: Dellicour S, Greenwood B

Publication date: 2007

TechNet Resource Library

This website provides an online repository of useful journal articles, documents, tools, websites, and other immunization resources. Users are able to search by keyword or browse the collection by category, disease, or other tag. Members of the …

Author: Technical Network for Strengthening Immunization Services

Temperature Sensitivity of Vaccines

This document addresses issues regarding potential exposure of temperature-sensitive vaccines to freezing temperatures and provides updated information on vaccine vial monitors, as well as a discussion of future advances in cold chain technology.

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2006

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