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Topic: Injection safety and waste management

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Framework for Conducting a Self-Assessment of National Progress in Injection Waste Management, Version 1

This tool was developed to provide a simple, efficient framework for conducting a self-assessment of health care waste-management (HCWM) planning at the national level. By collecting data on key achievements, knowledge, and practices at …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2008

Giving Immunizations

This handout provides basic information about giving immunizations, and lists resources and organizations relevant to this topic.

Author: Optimize (PATH, World Health Organization)

Publication date: 2013

Giving Safe Injections: Using Auto-Disable Syringes for Immunization

This excellent, 112-page manual is a training curriculum for health care workers who provide injections. It includes information on the health impact of unsafe injections, selecting safe and effective vaccines, reconsituting vaccines safely, reading …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2001

Global Resources for Health Care Waste Management

This document provides information on many of the organizations that are actively engaged in health care waste management throughout the developing world. It provides contact information, their link to health care waste management, and the type of …

Author: John Snow, Inc.

Publication date: 2009

Guidelines for Implementing a National Procurement Policy to Integrate Safe-Injection Equipment

This report identifies key steps and information relevant to the development and implementation of a national procurement policy on safe-injection equipment, which includes safety devices for immunizations. The intention is to increase patient and …

Author: Making Medical Injections Safer

Publication date: 2010

Guidelines for National Strategies for the Safe and Appropriate Use of Injections

This two-page document summarizes key elements to assist in the development of a national strategy for ensuring safe and appropriate use of injections.

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2000

Guiding Principles for Managing Medical Waste

This document provides a brief overview of key considerations for developing a medical waste-management plan at the facility, district, and national levels.

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2005

Health Care Waste Management: Sharing the Responsibility

This fact sheet outlines the importance of health care waste management and suggests ways government programs can improve current practices.

Author: PATH; John Snow, Inc.

Publication date: 2010

Health Care Without Harm

Health Care Without Harm is an international coalition of more than 500 organizations in 53 countries working to ensure that the health care sector is not a source of harm to people and the environment. They aim to implement ecologically sound and …

Author: Health Care Without Harm

A HealthTech Report: Field Evaluation of the Acceptability and Feasibility of Syringe Melters in Indonesia

This report shares findings from a field evaluation of three syringe melters temporarily placed in five health centers in Indonesia, which aimed to assess the field performance of the devices, acceptability by health workers, fit into the existing …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2007

Helping PEPFAR Partners Manage Health Care Waste: Practical Approaches and Lessons Learned From Uganda and Nigeria

This paper describes the process, tools, and strategies used in the Making Medical Injections Safer project to successfully engage the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) implementing partners in Uganda and Nigeria to improve …

Author: PATH, John Snow Inc.

Publication date: 2009

Improved Injection Practices After the Introduction of Treatment and Sterility Guidelines in Tanzania

From the journal of Tropical Medicine and International Health, this article follows a training program at health centers, observations included increased health worker knowledge and improved sterilization practices, along with reductions …

Author: Vos J, Gumodoka B, van Asten HA, et al.

Publication date: 1998

The Incinerator Guidebook: A Practical Guide for Selecting, Purchasing, Installing, Operating and Maintaining Small-Scale Incinerators in Low-Resource Settings

This guidebook is designed to help program planners address the challenges of safe management of health care waste (HCW) using small-scale incinerators in low-resource settings. Every country and health setting faces different challenges to managing …

Author: Making Medical Injections Safer project

Publication date: 2010

Incinerator Maintenance Checklist

This job aid supports the training of small-scale incinerator operators and provides key messages about how to perform regular maintenance. It includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly maintenance activities.

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2010

Incinerator Operator Guidelines

This job aid supports the training of small-scale incinerator operators by summarizing safe and effective incinerator operation. It outlines key steps that, if followed, can help ensure the unit operates optimally and disposes of waste safely.

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2010

Injection Safety, Healthcare Waste Management Pilot Project: Needle Removing and Plastic Recycling

This report summarizes the results of a project in Ukraine that evaluated the use of needle removal and plastic recycling as options for management of sharps waste.

Author: Ukraine Ministry of Health; World Health Organization

Publication date: 2005

Injection Safety: Questions & Answers

This document provides common questions and answers on injection safety, including what constitutes an unsafe injection, the potential consequences of unsafe injections, and disposal of syringes.

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2016

Key Steps in Sharps Waste Disposal

This training aid explains pictorially the key steps involved in the safe management of health care waste.

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2006

Landscape Analysis: Trends in Vaccine Availability and Novel Vaccine Delivery Technologies: 2008–2025

This landscape analysis identifies trends in the availability of vaccines and novel vaccine delivery technologies that are and will be of relevance to low- and middle-income countries from the present through 2025.

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2008

Landscape for Safe Injection, Phlebotomy, and Waste Management Equipment

This report contains an assessment of the current market availability of safe injection, phlebotomy, and waste management equipment, as well as guidance on the procurement of this equipment.

Author: Making Medical Injections Safer

Publication date: 2010

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