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Topic: Disease burden and surveillance

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Prospects for Vaccine Prevention of Meningococcal Infection

This article, published in Clinical Microbiology Reviews, reviews the changing epidemiology of meningococcal disease in the United States, issues related to vaccine prevention, and recommendations on the use of the polysaccharide conjugate …

Author: Harrison LH

Publication date: 2006

Quantitative PCR for Detection of Shigella Improves Ascertainment of Shigella Burden in Children With Moderate-to-Severe Diarrhea in Low-Income Countries

This article, published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology, reports on a study to estimate the prevalence of Shigella by using a new quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay to detect the bacteria in the stool samples of 3,533 children aged less than 59 …

Author: Lindsay B, Ochieng JB, Ikumapayi UN, et al.

Publication date: 2013

The Rationale for Integrated Childhood Meningoencephalitis Surveillance: A Case Study From Cambodia

This paper, published in The Bulletin of the World Health Organization, provides an example of development of an integrated meningoencephalitis surveillance system in Cambodia and, on the basis of this case study, presents the rationale and …

Author: Touch S, Grundy J, Hills S, et al.

Publication date: 2009

Reaching a Consensus on Management Practices and Vaccine Development Targets for Mitigation of Infectious Diarrhoea Among Deployed US Military Forces

Published in the Journal of Evalution in Clinical Practice, this study was part of a research effort to identify and quantify factors related to the cost-effectiveness of a vaccine acquisition strategy to reduce the burden of infectious diarrhea on …

Author: Riddle MS, Tribble DR

Publication date: 2008

Real World Impact of Rotavirus Vaccination

This special supplement of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal presents a collection of studies on the impact of rotavirus vaccines. The data demonstrate dramatic and rapid reductions in childhood hospitalizations in several countries after …

Author: Patel MM, Parashar UD, eds.

Publication date: 2011

Report of the Second WHO Consultation on the Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP)

This report of the second World Health Organization Consultation on the Global Action Plan for Influenza Vaccines (GAP-II) held July 12 to 14, 2011, summarizes the overview of GAP activities in the first five years and proposed action points …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2012

Report on "Consultative Meeting on Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Prevention and Control"

The Consultative Meeting on JE Prevention and Control was convened by the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on February 12. This official meeting record includes participants, objectives, and …

Author: Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control & Research

Publication date: 2009

Report on the Japanese Encephalitis Disability Assessment

The burden of disability among JE survivors has been a neglected area of study. This assessment, performed by the Government of Cambodia in partnership with PATH, found one in four children infected with JE either died or suffered severe sequelae …

Author: Cambodian Ministry of Health

Publication date: 2008

Repurposing Global Polio Eradication’s Tool Kit: “Polio Legacy” Activities in India

This report describes the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s goals and processes for planning a polio legacy, which would guide countries in using polio resources and lessons learned from polio eradication to benefit other health initiatives. …

Author: Bristol N, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Publication date: 2014

Resources: From pneumoACTION to Now

This web page offers a vast array of links to resources on a leading cause of child morbidity and mortality, pneumococcal diseases. It provides information on available vaccines, vaccine safety, disease burden, immunization financing, and other …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in Infants in Rural Nepal

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a leading cause of infant mortality worldwide, but the risk of RSV is not well-characterized in resource-limited settings. This article, published in Journal of Infection, reports the results of a study that …

Author: Chu HY, Katz J, Tielsch J, et al.

Publication date: 2016

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection (RSV)

This web page provides a wide spectrum of information about respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in the United States. It offers a general overview of the disease as well as clinical, research, and surveillance information. Specific topics include, …

Author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Response to the 2009 Pandemic: Effect on Influenza Control in Wealthy and Poor Countries

The authors of this article, published in Vaccine, address the hard choices that must be made early in a pandemic and explore the context in which these decisions were made during the 2009 influenza pandemic. They argue that the only way to assure …

Author: Monto AS, Black S, Plotkin SA, Orenstein WA

Publication date: 2011

Revisiting Typhoid Fever Surveillance in Low and Middle Income Countries: Lessons From Systematic Literature Review of Population-Based Longitudinal Studies

This article, published in BMC Infectious Diseases, reports the results of a systematic literature review of longitudinal population-based blood culture-confirmed typhoid fever studies from low- and middle-income countries. The reported incidence …

Author: Mogasale V, Mogasale VV, Ramani E, et al.

Publication date: 2016

RHO Cervical Cancer Library

This website is designed to provide easy access to science-based information for health program managers and decision-makers seeking to prevent cervical cancer in developing countries and low-resource settings. The wide range of materials appearing …

Author: PATH

Risk and Protective Factors for Meningococcal Disease in Adolescents: Matched Cohort Study

This article, published in The British Medical Journal, discusses a study examining biological and social risk factors for meningococcal disease in adolescents in six regions of England. The study finds that significant independent risk factors …

Author: Tully J, Viner RM, Coen PG, et al.

Publication date: 2006

Risk Factors for Respiratory Syncytial Virus Associated With Acute Lower Respiratory Infection in Children Under Five Years: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

This article, published in the Journal of Global Health, reports the results of a study that identified risk factors for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)-associated acute lower respiratory infection (ALRI) in young children. The study presents a …

Author: Shi T, Balsells E, Wastnedge E, et al.

Publication date: 2015

Risk of Epidemic Meningitis in Africa: A Cause for Concern

This article, featured in the World Health Organization's Weekly Epidemiological Record, presents what the potential scenarios were for meningitis epidemics in Africa in the 2007-2008 seasons and provides information on the expected availability of …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2007

Roadmap for Implementing the Addis Declaration on Immunization: Advocacy, Action, and Accountability

In January 2017, Heads of State from across Africa endorsed the Addis Declaration on Immunization (ADI), a historic pledge to ensure that everyone in Africa receives the full benefits of Immunization. This report provides a roadmap for countries in …

Author: African Member States, World Health Organization, African Union Commission

Publication date: 2017


This web page provides general information about rotavirus from the CDC, including details on US and global surveillance, reports on currently available vaccines against rotavirus, and links to articles and news about rotavirus.

Author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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