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Above Zero: Strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing

This four-minute animated video emphasizes the difficulty and importance of maintaining proper temperatures in the vaccine cold chain. The risk of exposing vaccines to freezing temperatures are now known to be significant. These risks can be reduced …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2013

African and World Health Leaders Step Up to Close the Immunization Gap

This video highlights the commitment of African leaders to close the immunization gap. It underscores the importance and need to invest in immunization supply chains to ensure that every child in Africa can receive lifesaving vaccines.

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2016

Celebrating a Legacy of Global Immunization

This video highlights 50 years of vaccine progress and innovation by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. From the first US pledge of political, financial, and technical resources to end smallpox to current efforts to eradicate polio …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2015

Cervical Cancer, Cervical Dysplasia, Genital Warts: The Pathogenesis and Clinical Outcomes of HPV Anogenital Infections

This technical six-minute animation explains what HPV is, shows how it infects human tissue, and how disease progresses. It also provides disease burden information specific to HPV and cervical cancer.

Author: Sanofi Pasteur MSD

Publication date: 2006

Cervical Cancer: The Real Lady Killer

This film in the BBC’s "Kill or Cure?" series uncovers the challenges of preventing and treating cervical cancer in Africa and highlights exciting new opportunities for dramatically reducing the toll of disease. The BBC crew follows Sarah …

Author: PATH, Rockhopper Productions

Publication date: 2009

Fragile Lives - Immunization at Risk

Hailed as "the greatest public health success story of all time," today childhood immunization faces obstacles never seen before. While immunization still saves three million young lives each year, millions more could be saved if there were enough …

Author: PATH, Barraclough Productions

Publication date: 2004

From Introduction to Impact: The Story of Rotavirus Vaccines

This video follows three countries—Nicaragua, Ghana, and Malawi—that helped pave the way for rotavirus vaccine introductions in low-income countries worldwide. Rotavirus vaccines are saving lives and improving health in countries where they …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2017

Global Polio Eradication

The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) released a new six-year plan in 2012 that outlines steps to end polio transmission, help improve childhood immunization programs, and begin a worldwide polio vaccine transition. While the plan is …

Author: Center for Strategic and International Studies

Publication date: 2013

Heard at the 68th WHA: Closing the Immunization Gap

In this video, immunization experts and political leaders attending the 68th World Health Assembly (WHA) share their thoughts on what must be done to close the immunization gap, reach vulnerable populations, and ensure that all children have access …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2015

How Are Vaccines Developed?

This video provides a very high-level overview of the rigorous testing that vaccines undergo when they are developed. As the video highlights, vaccines are subject to even tougher standards than medicines—more people are included in clinical …

Author: Vaccines Today

Publication date: 2015

How Can Data Help Fight Disease?

This animated video explains the important role that data plays in fighting polio worldwide. Data about cases of polio, the size of an outbreak and the population affected, and information about vaccination programs can be collected and shared …

Author: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Publication date: 2016

How Do Vaccines Work?

This animated video explains how the immune system works and how, using this information, scientists found ways to help our bodies protect us from infectious diseases by developing different types of vaccines.

Author: TED-Ed; Kelwalin Dhanasarnsombut

Keys to Storing and Handling Your Vaccine Supply

This 45-minute video was designed to decrease vaccine storage and handling errors and preserve vaccine supply by demonstrating to immunization providers the recommended best practices for storage and handling of vaccines. It highlights the keys to …

Author: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Publication date: 2014

Meningitis A Shot of Hope

This documentary details the work of the Meningitis Vaccine Project, a partnership between the World Health Organization and PATH to eliminate meningitis A as a public health problem in sub-Saharan Africa through the development, testing, licensure, …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2015

My Name, My Future: Optimize Project Guatemala

This 10-minute video provides an overview of Guatemala's effort to build a comprehensive immunization information system with support from Project Optimize, a collaboration between PATH and the World Health Organization. The video explains how a new …

Author: Guatemala's Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance; Pan American Health Organization

Publication date: 2013

Now is the Time

Recent advances in vaccine science have enabled more countries to provide newer, lifesaving vaccines to more people. However, the impact of these vaccines is often constrained by delays and vaccine waste due to stressed and aging vaccine supply and …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2013

Rotavirus Vaccines: Rapid Rollout is Saving Lives

This animated video and companion infographic highlight the progress made in reducing rotavirus disease burden due to the rapid introduction of rotavirus vaccines in more than 75 countries worldwide. They show that while great progress has been …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2015

Securing a Polio-Free World: Video Series

This series of six videos explains the important steps that are being taken to make sure that, once poliovirus has been eradicated, it will never have the opportunity to return. Topics of the videos include the current polio vaccines available, the …

Author: World Health Organization

Publication date: 2016

Shadow Lives: The Human Toll of Japanese Encephalitis

Children who survive JE infection must come to grips with the human and socioeconomic consequences of the disease. Produced in collaboration with the JE Project, Shadow Lives—The Human Toll of Japanese Encephalitis, introduces us to families who …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2006

Survival: The Struggle to Breathe

Part of the groundbreaking series on global health, Survival, this 45-minute documentary, filmed in the Philippines, focuses on the infections that lead to pneumonia. The film also highlights interventions to improve access to antibiotics as well …

Author: BBC World News and Rockhopper TV

Publication date: 2008

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