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Vaccine Production, Distribution, Access, and Uptake

For human vaccines to be available on a global scale, complex production methods, meticulous quality control, and reliable distribution channels are needed to ensure that the products are potent and effective at the point of use. In this article, published in The Lancet, the authors draw from their experience in vaccine development and focus on influenza vaccines as an example to consider production, distribution, access, and other factors that affect vaccine uptake and population-level effectiveness.

Author: Smith J, Lipsitch M, Almond JW

Published: 2011

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Citation: Smith J, Lipsitch M, Almond JW. Vaccine Production, Distribution, Access, and Uptake. The Lancet. 2011;378(9789):428-438.

Resource types: Peer-reviewed journal

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific, Influenza

Topics: Introduction and service delivery, Supply chain and logistics systems

Regions: Global