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Live-Attenuated Shigella Vaccines

This article, published in Expert Review of Vaccines, describes several live attenuated Shigella vaccines, with well-defined mutations in specific genes, that have shown great promise in eliciting significant immune responses when given orally to volunteers. The authors describe data collected from volunteer trials with live Shigella vaccines from three different research groups, as well as the attenuating features of the bacterial strains and the immune response following the use of different dosing regimens. In addition, they include a discussion about future directions in the field of live Shigella vaccines. ABSTRACT ONLY. (Learn how users in developing countries can gain free access to journal articles.)

Author: Venkatesan MM, Ranallo RT

Published: 2006

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Citation: Venkatesan MM, Ranallo RT. Live-Attenuated Shigella Vaccines. Expert Review of Vaccines. 2006;5(5):669-686.

Resource types: Peer-reviewed journal

Diseases/vaccines: Shigellosis and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC)

Topics: Disease/vaccine specific information

Regions: Global