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Giving Safe Injections: Using Auto-Disable Syringes for Immunization

This excellent, 112-page manual is a training curriculum for health care workers who provide injections. It includes information on the health impact of unsafe injections, selecting safe and effective vaccines, reconsituting vaccines safely, reading Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVMs), preventing needlestick injuries, and using a variety of auto-disable syringes.

Author: PATH

Published: 2001

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Also known as: Sécurite des injections: L'utilisation de seringues autobloquantes pour la vaccination

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Also known as: Безопасные Инъекции: Использоване саморазрушающихся шприцев для имунизации

Resource types: Training material, PATH resource

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific

Topics: Introduction and service delivery, Injection safety and waste management, Delivery technologies, Presentation and packaging

Regions: Global