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Software for National-Level Vaccine Cold Chain Equipment Management

The Cold Chain Equipment Manager (CCEM) is an inventory and planning tool that utilizes Microsoft Access–based software and analytic tools to help with data collection and analysis. Planning algorithms, data visualization, system modeling, and report-generation by CCEM adhere to national immunization policies and World Health Organization/United Nations Children's Fund standards. This poster, first presented in March 2012 at the Fifth Annual International Conference on Information Communication Technologies and Development, outlines the role and potential positive impact of the CCEM in lead up to the introduction of new pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines.

Author: University of Washington, PATH

Published: 2012

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Resource types: PATH resource, Presentation

Diseases/vaccines: Pneumococcus, Rotavirus

Topics: Disease/vaccine specific information, Cold chain technologies, Immunization information systems

Regions: Global