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WHO Policy Statement: Multi-dose Vial Policy (MDVP) - Handling of Multi-dose Vaccine Vials After Opening

This document is designed to provide guidance to national and senior-level program managers on the proper handling of multi-dose vaccine vials once opened. It presents the World Health Organization’s official position on this issue, including the specific conditions that warrant immediate disposal, use within a maximum of six hours, and the criteria allowing for an opened vial to be be kept and used for up to 28 days after opening. This document describes the policy, including its scope and the limitations on its use, outlines the scientific rationale upon which the policy is based, and discusses the operational implications for implementing the policy.

Author: World Health Organization

Published: 2014

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Also known as: Déclaration de politique générale de l’OMS: Révision de la politique relative aux flacons multidoses - Manipulation des flacons de vaccin multidoses entamés

Resource types: Report

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific

Topics: Introduction and service delivery, Cold chain technologies

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