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This thematic issue of the journal Health Affairs focuses on vaccines. Its 26 articles explore the current environment for vaccine discovery, production, and delivery. The issue covers a wide range of topics including the value of vaccines; economics and sustainable financing for vaccines; strengthening immunization programs; vaccine effectiveness; attitudes toward vaccination; and childhood vaccination in the United States. ABSTRACTS ONLY. (Learn how users in developing countries can gain free access to journal articles.)

Author: Weil AR, ed.

Published: 2016

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Citation: Weil AR, ed. Vaccines. Health Affairs. 2016;35(2):187-380.

Resource types: Peer-reviewed journal

Diseases/vaccines: Human papillomavirus (HPV), Influenza, Polio

Topics: Advocacy and communications, Introduction and service delivery, Immunization financing, Vaccine safety and performance, Disease/vaccine specific information, Supply chain and logistics systems

Regions: Global