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The Gavi Full Country Evaluations

The Gavi Full Country Evaluations (FCE) are prospective studies that aim to understand and quantify the barriers and drivers of immunization program improvement, with an emphasis on the contribution of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in four countries: Bangladesh, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zambia. This website explains the contributions of the various partners involved in evaluating immunization policies, processes, and systems specifically related to FCE. It also includes information on the methods of evaluation as well as full annual dissemination reports, policy briefs, and evidence summaries. Findings and evidence from the FCE are increasingly used to inform global and national programmatic and policy decision-making.

Author: PATH

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Resource types: Website, PATH resource

Diseases/vaccines: Human papillomavirus (HPV), Meningococcus, Pneumococcus, Rotavirus, Polio

Topics: Introduction and service delivery, Disease/vaccine specific information

Regions: Africa, Asia