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Navigating Vaccine Introduction: A Guide for Decision-Makers—Japanese Encephalitis

This six-part guide is designed to help country decision-makers understand the evidence around when to consider introducing Japanese Encephalitis (JE) vaccines, the potential benefits, how to incorporate JE vaccines into their country’s immunization program, and how to monitor and evaluate the vaccines after introduction.

Author: PATH

Published: 2017

» Download Module 1: Does My Country Need JE Vaccine? (English)

316 KB PDF (Located at

» Download Module 2: Is JE Vaccination Cost-Effective? (English)

648 KB PDF (Located at

» Download Module 3: Which JE Vaccine Should My Country Use? (English)

296 KB PDF (Located at

» Download Module 4: How Should My Country Introduce JE Vaccines? (English)

238 KB PDF (Located at

» Download Module 5: Can My Country Afford a JE Vaccination Program? (English)

219 KB PDF (Located at

» Download Module 6: Is My Country's JE Vaccination Program Working? (English)

245 KB PDF (Located at

Resource types: Training material, PATH resource

Diseases/vaccines: Japanese encephalitis

Topics: Advocacy and communications, Introduction and service delivery, Immunization financing, Disease burden and surveillance, Vaccine safety and performance, Disease/vaccine specific information, Presentation and packaging

Regions: Asia