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Lessons Learned in Reaching the Final 20: Building a Next-Generation Immunization Supply Chain in Mozambique

This report provides a detailed analysis and lessons learned from VillageReach’s work with the Mozambique Ministry of Health to implement comprehensive immunization supply chain changes. It highlights new tools, approaches, and evidence for countries and stakeholders to consider around key areas of impact: a streamlined and efficient supply chain to decrease logistics costs and improve availability; data visibility and access to create actionable data; maintenance of the right cold chain equipment; a well-managed transport system; an evidence base to determine the root causes of poor immunization system performance; and leadership and political will. These lessons and insights could be used by other countries looking to move to a next-generation immunization supply chain.

Author: VillageReach

Published: 2016

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Resource types: Report

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific

Topics: Cold chain technologies, Supply chain and logistics systems, Immunization information systems

Regions: Africa