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Financing Assessment Tool for Immunization Services: Guidelines for Performing a Country Assessment

On behalf of Partnerships for Health Reform, this immunization financing tool is intended for in-depth, systematic evaluations of the costs and financing of immunization programs. The tool offers a checklist and tables that guide the user through information gathering, estimating current costs, and financing and developing a five-year plan.

Author: Kaddar M, Makinen M, Khan M

Published: 2000

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Also known as: Outil d'évaluation du financement des services de vaccinations: Guide d'orientation pour l'évaluation au niveau national

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Also known as: Herramienta para la evaluación del financiamiento de los servicios de inmunización: Directrices para la evaluación a nivel de país

Resource types: Training material

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific

Topics: Immunization financing

Regions: Global