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Topic: Immunization financing

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Economic Impact of a Rotavirus Vaccination Program in Mexico

This article, published in the Pan American Journal of Public Health, examines a national rotavirus vaccination program in Mexico and evaluates its costs and benefits. The article concludes that the program would be highly cost-effective and …

Author: Constenla D, Velázquez FR, Rheingans RD, Antil L, Cervantes Y

Publication date: 2009

The Economic Impact of Childhood Acute Gastroenteritis on Malawian Families and the Healthcare System

This article, published in BMJ Open, reports on a study that found significant financial burden from childhood diarrheal disease to the healthcare system and to households in Malawi. The latter face the risk of consequent impoverishment, as the …

Author: Hendrix N, Bar-Zeev N, Atherly D, et al.

Publication date: 2017

Economics of Immunization: A Guide to the Literature and Other Resources

This 87-page document identifies literature and web resources on costing, cost-benefit analyses, financing, and policy among other issues.

Author: World Health Organization, US Agency for International Development, and Partners in Health Reform Plus

Publication date: 2004

Estimated Economic Impact of Vaccinations in 73 Low- and Middle-Income Countries, 2001-2020

This article, published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, discusses the economic benefits of the vaccinations given in low- and middle-income countries supported by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, since Gavi’s establishment in 2001. …

Author: Ozawa S, Clark S, Portnoy A, et al.

Publication date: 2017

Estimating the Costs of Achieving the WHO-UNICEF Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, 2006 - 2015

This paper estimates the costs of achieving the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy, 2006 - 2015, which aims to immunize more people, from infants to seniors, with a greater range of vaccines, and whose chief goal is to, by 2015 or earlier, …

Author: Wolfson LJ, Gasse F, Lee-Martin S, et al.

Publication date: 2008

Evaluaciónde Costo-Efectividad de la Vacuna Anti-rotavirus en Chile

This article, published in Revista Médica de Chile, outlines an economic model that determined rotavirus vaccination is a cost-effective intervention that can effectively reduce the disease burden and healthcare costs of rotavirus …

Author: Constenla D, O'Ryan M, Navarrete M, Antil L, Rheingans R

Publication date: 2006

Evaluating the Cost and Financing of National Immunization Programs

As new vaccines are introduced, accurate information on the cost and financing of national immunization programs can be lacking. This website is designed to serve as a hub for all new information on immunization costing and financing studies to help …

Author: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Evaluating the Cost Per Child Vaccinated With Full Versus Fractional-Dose Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine

This article, published in Vaccine: X, reports the results of a study that estimated the cost per vaccinated child of delivering full-dose compared to fractional-dose inactivated poliovirus vaccine (fIPV) in routine and campaign settings. The …

Author: Mvundura M, Hsu JS, Frivold C, et al.

Publication date: 2019

Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness of Live Oral Pentavalent Reassortant Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction in Ghana

This article, published in Vaccine, estimates the cost-effectiveness of introducing the rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq® in Ghana. The authors estimated the average costs of treating children with diarrhea in the Ashanti region of Ghana as inpatients and …

Author: Abbott C, Tiede B, Armah G, Mahmoud A

Publication date: 2012

The Evidence Base for Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccines (PCVs): Data for Decision-Making Around PCV Use in Childhood

This report provides the latest information on pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCV) and their use in routine immunization programs around the world. It includes key background on the burden of pneumococcal disease in children and the impact of PCVs …

Author: International Vaccine Access Center

Publication date: 2017

Expanding the Evidence Base to Inform Vaccine Introduction: Program Costing and Cost-Effectiveness Analyses

This supplement to Vaccine contains 38 articles featuring country-led research to support real-time policymaking, including cost-effectiveness, program costing, and analyses of financial flows for vaccine introduction. It highlights work undertaken …

Author: Andrus JK, Walker DG, eds.

Publication date: 2015

An Extended Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Publicly Financed HPV Vaccination to Prevent Cervical Cancer in China

This article, published in Vaccine, reports on a study to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination to prevent cervical cancer in China. The authors found that HPV is cost-effective across all income groups when the …

Author: Levin CE, Sharma M, Olson Z, et al.

Publication date: 2015

Financing Assessment Tool for Immunization Services: Guidelines for Performing a Country Assessment

On behalf of Partnerships for Health Reform, this immunization financing tool is intended for in-depth, systematic evaluations of the costs and financing of immunization programs. The tool offers a checklist and tables that guide the user through …

Author: Kaddar M, Makinen M, Khan M

Publication date: 2000

The Future of Global Immunization: Will the Promise of Vaccines be Fulfilled?

Childhood immunization is one of the most successful and cost-effective of all health interventions, especially for reducing infant and child morbidity and mortality globally. Still, nearly two million children die of vaccine-preventable deaths each …

Author: Cochi SL

Publication date: 2011

The Future of Immunisation Policy, Implementation, and Financing

The authors of this article, published in The Lancet, discuss the challenges and possibilities of further expanding coverage of existing vaccines while widely implementing new vaccines, with respect to low-income and middle-income countries. They …

Author: Levine OS, Bloom DE, Cherian T, et al.

Publication date: 2011

Gavi 2016-2020 Mid-Term Review Report

This report provides a high-level overview of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance's progress and challenges midway through the 2016-2020 reporting period. It provides an update on progress toward Gavi's 2020 immunization target goals, which include …

Author: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Publication date: 2018

GAVI's Advance Market Commitment

This article, published in The Lancet, details how the GAVI Alliance's pilot Advance Market Commitment financing mechanism works to stimulate the manufacture of affordable pneumococcal vaccines for developing countries. ABSTRACT ONLY. (Learn how …

Author: Schwalbe N, El-Ziq I

Publication date: 2010

G-FINDER Public Search Tool

This website is a public search tool that provides open access to G-FINDER survey data. The G-FINDER survey tracks annual global investments into neglected disease product research and development, including vaccines. The tool allows easy creation …

Author: Policy Cures Research

Global Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Pneumonia

This document outlines a global action plan to support countries in controlling pneumonia, providing a framework for action around which partners can coordinate their efforts. The document summarizes the global situation with respect to pneumonia, …

Author: World Health Organization, United Nations Children's Fund

Publication date: 2009

Global Health Technologies Coalition

The Global Health Technologies Coalition's website highlights the coalition's work to advocate for the development of global health tools for the developing world. The website serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources on research …

Author: Global Heath Technologies Coalition

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