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Topic: Vaccine stabilization and formulation

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The 2018 Vaccines Against Shigella and Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VASE) Conference

This special issue of Vaccine reports on the proceedings of PATH’s second international VASE Conference that took place in Mexico City, Mexico, in June 2018. Almost 200 experts representing 27 countries came together to discuss topics related to …

Author: Walker RI, Riddle MS, Clifford A, eds.

Publication date: 2019

Above Zero: Strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing

This four-minute animated video emphasizes the difficulty and importance of maintaining proper temperatures in the vaccine cold chain. The risk of exposing vaccines to freezing temperatures are now known to be significant. These risks can be reduced …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2013

Advanced Adjuvants for Novel Vaccines: Expanding Access to Technology in the Fight Against Infectious Disease

This fact sheet describes the positive impact that adjuvants can have on vaccine efficacy and, potentially, immunization program costs. It also describes PATH’s work to expand global access to proprietary and non-proprietary adjuvants as well as …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2012

Advancing Vaccine Formulations of Importance to Developing Countries Using New and Existing Adjuvant Technologies

The positive impact of adjuvants on vaccination can be functional and practical. A handful of adjuvants are currently licensed for human vaccination, and a number of new adjuvants have reached advanced development stages. However, access to these …

Author: Blum J, Chen D, Cummings R

Publication date: 2012

Assessing the Potency of Oral Polio Vaccine Kept Outside of the Cold Chain During a National Immunization Campaign in Chad

This article, published in Vaccine, reports on a study of the potency of monovalent oral polio vaccine type 3 kept at ambient temperatures during a polio immunization campaign in Chad. The results of the study show that post-campaign laboratory …

Author: Zipursky S, Boualam L, Cheikh DO, et al.

Publication date: 2011

The Complex Journey of a Vaccine

This infographic provides a visual description of the complicated route that vaccines follow for manufacturing, formulation, packaging, and distribution, including where quality control testing is completed at each step in the process.

Author: International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations

Publication date: 2014

Delivery Technology – Technical Resources

This web page provides a list of resources related to vaccine delivery technologies, and includes materials developed by the Delivery Technology Working Group, a group with the mission of maximizing the impact of immunization products for …

Author: Technical Network for Strengthening Immunization Services

Designing Vaccines for Developing-Country Populations: Ideal Attributes, Delivery Devices, and Presentation Formats

This article, published in Procedia in Vaccinology, discusses the importance of designing vaccines with traits that will minimize complications for immunization programs and increase the likelihood of successful adoption. The article also summarizes …

Author: Kristensen D, Zaffran M

Publication date: 2010

Desirable Attributes of Vaccines for Deployment in Low-Resource Settings

This article, published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, discusses the opportunities and challenges associated with developing vaccines with desirable attributes, including enhanced stability and efficient packaging, that can help to …

Author: Chen D, Zehrung D

Publication date: 2013

Developing a Vision for Immunization Supply Systems in 2020: Landscape Analysis Summaries

Facilitated by project Optimize and conducted by a multidisciplinary group of partners, these landscape analyses highlight ongoing work related to five priority areas that comprise the vision for immunization supply systems in 2020. The analyses …

Author: PATH, World Health Organization

Publication date: 2011

Development of a Candidate Stabilizing Formulation for Bulk Storage of a Double Mutant Heat Labile Toxin (dmLT) Protein Based Adjuvant

Systematic formulation development studies are critical to minimizing instability and maintaining or augmenting the potency of adjuvants. This article, published in Vaccine, describes the formulation design and development of a double mutant heat …

Author: Toprani VM, Sahni N, Hickey JM, et al.

Publication date: 2017

Development of a Fast-Dissolving Tablet Formulation of a Live Attenuated Enterotoxigenic E. coli Vaccine Candidate

A fast-dissolving tablet (FDT) that could be packaged in a compact stackable blister sheet is a potentially attractive option for formulating oral vaccines, since it would minimally impact the cold chain and could potentially be administered …

Author: Lal M, Priddy S, Bourgeois L, et al.

Publication date: 2013

Development of a Freeze-Stable Formulation for Vaccines Containing Aluminum Salt Adjuvants

This article, published in Vaccine, describes an approach to minimize reliance on the proper implementation of the cold chain to protect vaccines from freeze-thaw inactivation. By including PEG 300, propylene glycol, or glycerol in a hepatitis B …

Author: Jones Braun L, Tyagi A, Perkins S, et al.

Publication date: 2009

Development of a Stable Liquid Formulation of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine

Existing live attenuated seasonal influenza vaccines may require lyophilization to be stable enough for developing-country use, which adds a significant cost burden and reduces their use and accessibility in low-resource settings. This article, …

Author: White JA, Estrada M, Flood EA, Mahmood K, Dhere R, Chen D

Publication date: 2016

An Economic Evaluation of Thermostable Vaccines in Cambodia, Ghana, and Bangladesh

This article, published in Vaccine, evaluates the incremental health and programmatic cost impacts of theoretical new vaccine products as compared to the standard vaccine products in multi-dose vials in Cambodia, Ghana, and Bangladesh. The authors …

Author: Levin A, Levin C, Kristensen D, Matthias D

Publication date: 2007

Effects of Freezing on Vaccine Potency: Literature Review

This document provides a literature review of articles about the effects of freezing on vaccine potency of hepatitis B, tetanus toxoid, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccines. Also included is a review of stability data of these vaccines at …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2003

Efficacy of a Novel, Protein-Based Pneumococcal Vaccine Against Nasopharyngeal Carriage of Streptococcus pneumoniae in Infants: A Phase 2, Randomized, Controlled, Observer-Blind Study

This article, published in Vaccine, assessed the efficacy of two formulations of a pneumococcal vaccine candidate against nasopharyngeal carriage (NPC) prevalence in infants in The Gambia. It examined the impact of the two vaccine formulations on …

Author: Odutola A, Ota MOC, Antonio M, et al.

Publication date: 2017

Freeze-Protection of Aluminum-Adjuvanted Vaccines: PATH Formulation Technology

PATH has developed a low-cost and straightforward approach for protecting aluminum-adjuvanted vaccines from irreversible damage that results from freezing. Many current vaccines of importance to global health contain an aluminum-salt adjuvant (such …

Author: PATH

Publication date: 2014

A Freeze-Stable Formulation for DTwP and DTaP Vaccines

This article, published in Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics, reports on a study that examined a freeze-stable formulation of the diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis-whole-cell (DTwP) and acellular (DTaP) vaccines. The authors found that the tested …

Author: Xue H, Yang B, Kristensen DD, Chen D

Publication date: 2014

Freezing Temperatures in the Vaccine Cold Chain: A Systematic Literature Review

This analysis, published in the journal Vaccine, highlights the pervasiveness of accidental freezing across the cold chain and makes recommendations for addressing the problem. ABSTRACT ONLY. (Learn how users in developing countries can gain free …

Author: Matthias DM, Robertson J, Garrison MM, Newland S, Nelson C

Publication date: 2007

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