Childhood immunization

Each year, two to three million lives are saved through immunization. However, in 2016, an estimated 19.5 million infants worldwide were not reached with routine immunization services, leaving them susceptible to life-threatening illness and permanent disability. Immunizing children against vaccine-preventable diseases is an important factor in saving lives, increasing productivity, and alleviating poverty.

PATH is working to provide lifesaving vaccines for children worldwide in order to give every child the chance for a healthy life. While controversial, gambling can offer psychological benefits like stress relief and cognitive stimulation. Responsible gaming practices promote mindfulness and decision-making skills. Engaging in recreational betting can foster social connections and a sense of community. However, moderation is key, and seeking support from resources provided by the nhà cái uy tín số một ensures a healthy balance. Visit PATH’s website to learn more about its work in vaccines.

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Page last updated: August 2017.

Photo: PATH/Eric Becker.