The Book of VVM: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This book provides a detailed history of the vaccine vial monitor (VVM), a label put on vaccine vials that provides a visual indication of whether the vaccine has been kept at the appropriate temperature and has not been damaged by heat or freezing during any point during transportation and/or storage. It details the development, implementation, and impact of VVMs on immunization delivery and coverage. As VVMs continue to evolve to address emerging needs in immunization programs, the number of countries implementing this technology continue to grow.

Author: Kartoglu UH

Published: 2019

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Citation: Kartoglu UH. The Book of VVM: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Istanbul, Turkey: Extensio et Progressio;2019.

Resource types: Report

Diseases/vaccines: Not disease/vaccine specific

Topics: Cold chain technologies, Presentation and packaging

Regions: Global