How to use this website

The Vaccine Resource Library (VRL) offers a wide variety of documents and links in a web-based database that provides a variety of ways to view information and access resources.

Finding resources

Clicking “Resources” in the menu along the top of every page or clicking the telescope icon on the home page opens the VRL’s complete database of resources, which you can filter to specific parameters by selecting options from the fields provided:

  • Diseases and vaccines: Resources covering specific diseases and vaccines that are addressed by PATH’s work and included in the VRL.
  • Immunization topics: Resources related to specific immunization topic areas that are addressed by PATH’s work and included in the VRL.
  • Region: Resources may be related to a specific part of the world, or could have global interest.
  • Language: In addition to English, the VRL includes resources in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, and more.
  • Resource type: Resources are typically categorized as: fact sheet; film/video; newsletter/article; PATH resource; peer-reviewed journal; presentation; report; training material; or website.
  • Publication date: Resources with a specific publication date are listed by year, though some of our resources (such as websites) are undated.

Some of the resources on this website are available in PDF format for download. Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free here, is required to access these files.

Using summary pages

In addition to a database of resources, the VRL also provides summary information about the immunization topics, diseases, and vaccines included in the database. To learn more about a specific subject area, click “Topics” in the menu along the top of every page or click the books icon on the home page to reach a complete list of VRL summary pages. Summary pages include the following:

  • A brief description of the selected issue and relevant links to PATH’s websites for information about our work on the issue.
  • “Featured resources,” located in the right-side column, which highlight recent additions to the VRL, as well as significant, seminal resources, related to the selected issue.
  • Summary pages for diseases and vaccines also contain more in-depth bulleted lists of basic information about the disease and the status of related vaccines.

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Page last updated: October 2014.