Presentation and packaging

The way that vaccines are formulated, packaged, and labeled can dramatically impact the success of their use, particularly in low-resource settings. The number of doses per container can also affect vaccine wastage rates and cold chain space requirements. Providing a vaccine in a freeze-dried format usually has a positive outcome in terms of enhanced stability but requires two containers (one for the freeze-dried vaccine and the other for the diluents) and an added reconstitution step prior to administration. Minimizing container and packaging volumes can help to reduce negative environmental impacts, shipping and storage costs, and the potential for preparation errors at the point of use.

The handling, management, and use of vaccines are becoming increasingly complex as more new vaccines and related technologies become available. PATH is working to optimize the presentation and packaging for new vaccines. PATH is also developing and advancing innovations in the space of vaccine formulation, presentation, and delivery. Visit PATH’s website to learn more about its general work in vaccine presentation and packaging, and more specific work in primary container packaging.

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Page last updated: August 2017.

Photo: PATH.